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SCOTT Industrial Systems Solutions Team assists you with answers to your toughest problems. Our value-added solutions can help you improve your productivity and reduce your costs.

We Offer:

  • Electronic Control systems programmed to automate your machine’s operation.
  • Hydraulic integrated circuit manifolds to reduce size, leakage, and assembly time.
  • Assemblies, panels, and control boxes designed to reduce your purchasing and production costs.
  • Special packaging to suit your production or aftermarket service programs.
  • Custom kits with multiple parts to increase the efficiency of your purchasing, inventory, and assembly departments.
  • Outsourcing projects or operations that are more cost effectively produced in our facility.

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SCOTT’s Solutions Team

Can help you reduce your labor, inventory, and floor space problems to improve your bottom line. Show us your specific problem and we will provide the best possible solution.


Engineered Systems
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  • Test Stands
  • Control Panels
  • Hydraulic Integrated Circuits
  • Kits
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  • Flow Dividers
  • Valves
Electronic Controls
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  • Displays
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  • Switch Panels
  • Programming

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